Sustainability is "the new black"

24th May @ 6pm at Box Factory



SUSTAINABILITY IS THE “NEW BLACK” is heard more often lately.

Adelaide fashion label NoRuYeLo shows their sustainable “Multi” collection 2018/19 that premiered at Eco Fashion Week Australia 2018.

Adelaide – On 24 May @ 6pm at Box Factory Community Centre on Halifax street NoRuYeLo: “not for profit social enterprise with fierce design game” * (Luxides magazine) will present a fashion parade with their unique, individual, different ways to wear and style garments made from re-used textiles.

Have a glass of bubbly, enjoy in NoRuYeLo’s versatile and unique fashion, have fun but also, have some more serious environmental sustainability talks. Noruyelo founders Snezana Swarbrick and Sanya Zunic will be joined by Sue Fenwick, owner of The Adelaide Remakery and audience to talk about the newest fashion/ living trends-the slow ones.

No Ru(bish) Ye(s) Lo(ve) is ethical and sustainable fashion label from Adelaide. NoRuYeLo is a not-for-profit social enterprise that is reusing collected textiles destined for landfill for creating fashion. Designs are aimed at minimising damage to the environment and products are designed and manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia. Noruyelo values people and has a mission to facilitate training and provide work for people with barriers to employment. Slow fashion, versatility, uniqueness, personal style and individual expression are NoRuYeLo fashion values.

The Adelaide Remakery is re-makers hub dedicated to selling work by local ‘upcycling’ artists. In their Young street venue/shop, Remakery provides a wide range of workshops for hands on craft skills, fixing and remaking as well as many associated makers who can help with any re-making project.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors—we borrow it from our children.” **

So yes, as silly as it may sound, sustainability is definitely the “new black”. It is not just fashionable and trendy any more. It is a necessity. Forbs reports about “Lyst analysing 100 million searches on their shopping site over the past 12 months and reporting a 47% increase in shoppers looking for items with terms such as “vegan leather” and “organic cotton” ***. Join the growing international community that talks, lives and wears the “new black” –sustainability.  We all want to make a change for the better and it is up to us, it is up to our community to initiate it. Only the power of community will make and carry through that change. However, nobody ever said that we cannot have some fun and wear looking and feeling good clothes in the process…

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NoRuYeLo: Sanya Zunic and Snezana Swarbrick


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** tentatively assigned credit to Wendell Berry